The true (and dark) side of "the American Dream"

American dream, such a sweet word, isn't it? But the days of glory seems to have gone. Here we show you the true images of typical "American Dream". It's shown in a style of a bar chart and well depicts a life of ordinary people in recession.

Read on for detail.

This is the chart showing "Negative American Dream". Green bar shows average income, and red bar shows total accumlated debt. The numerals under bars are ages. income-to-debt.png

Let's take a look. He's a 18 years old student. No debt except credit-card loan.

20 years old. Student loan is added to the debt. The total amount of debt overwhelmed the yearly income.

24 years old. Car finance added to debt.

26 years old. Income increased but so is the tax. No decrease in debt.

28 yeras old. The number of family members and the amount of debt increased.

29 years old. Massive lift on debt because of home mortgage.

30 years old. Trapped to debt.

What a Nightmare.

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