No matter where you look, Hello Kitty is full of houses

It seems that you can stay in Taiwan with a Hello Kitty motif. Hello Kitty has become one color from the exterior to interior furniture and it seems that it is becoming an unbearable place to love Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty HouseUnification TravelAlthough it seems to be one of the things that was set up to make a variety of accommodation facilities to attract tourists, it may become itself a tourist attraction as it is conspicuous from other accommodation facilities.

Pictures are as follows.
Hello Kitty Holiday vacation

Puhlease, People? Cute Overload

Hello Kitty House - Hello Kitty Hell

This is Hello Kitty House in Taiwan.

Living room on the first floor. All the furniture in the image has become the image of Hello Kitty.


Kitty is also the bedroom on the second floor.

There is a green Hello Kitty House next to it.

The inside seems to be basically unchanged just because the color turned green, but I feel that this one is calm.

Pink's Hello Kitty House accommodation can be accommodated at T $ 19,900 per night (about 58,000 yen) and green people at T $ 16,600 Taiwan dollar (about 50,000 yen). Because we will rent Hello Kitty House itself rather than a house, it seems that we can fully enjoy Hello Kitty House without being disturbed by anyone.

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