Fujitsu Develops New Type Transistors No Laptop AC Adapter Required

It is widely used in various household electric appliances such as home game machines and laptop computers, and can be used as a power supply device capable of outputting electric power of a type suitable for each device "AC adapterHowever, it became obvious that it becomes unnecessary by the new transistor developed by Fujitsu.

Although each company is working on miniaturizing the notebook computer itself, the size of the AC adapter has hardly changed, so it may be good news for those who carry around with a personal computer and an AC adapter as a set.

Details are as below.
World's first! Development of gallium nitride HEMT for power supply equipment: Fujitsu

According to this release, Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a new structure "Gallium Nitride High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT)" that can reduce the power loss of power supply equipment as a technology to reduce the power consumption of electronic equipment such as IT equipment and home appliances It is said that it succeeded.

It realizes low power loss while realizing power supply interruption at standby, and it is possible to reduce the power loss of the power supply device of electronic equipment to one third or less. In addition to being able to reduce the power consumption of the data center by 12%, it is said that it is expected to be able to reduce the carbon dioxide of 330,000 tons annually throughout Japan.

In addition, since newly developed transistors can operate at high speed, AC adapters such as laptop computers can be used for 10 minutes because it is possible to miniaturize coils and transformers which were difficult due to low operating frequencies in conventional power supplies According to the following link, it is said that the AC adapter becomes unnecessary by installing a power supply unit in the notebook computer itself.

New type transistor: Suppression of power loss, no need for AC adapter FUJITSU LIMITED miniaturization technology - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)

By the way, Fujitsu is aiming to apply this technology to the power supply by around 2011, but I am very excited to realize it ... This is ...

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