A girl who tried to put three stars on his face with a tattoo, somehow can put as many as 56 stars

When a teenage girl entered a star's tattoo on his face, it seems that 56 stars were supposed to be placed in only three.

The size of the star greatly changes the impression of the face, it seems that the girl is requesting compensation.

A photograph of a girl whose face has 56 stars, etc. Details are from the following.
Scarred for life: The teenager who asked tattooist for THREE stars on her face and ended up with a constellation | Mail Online

18-year-old Kimberley asked Rousanian carver, Rouslan Toumaniantz, that he wanted to have three small stars on his left eye in French native language and one-word English, but the carver was also English in French It seems that it seemed to be confused when hearing the request because it seemed to be able to speak only in one word.

Kimberley who asked at 55 pounds (about 8700 yen) and slept while carving a star and had face full of stars when noticing.

"It's embarrassing and I can not walk on the road, which makes it look like a scary face," Kimberley says.

It is said that 8500 pounds (about 1.3 million yen) is required to put out the tattoo, and Rouslan of the carver is claiming 10,000 pounds (about 1.58 million yen). However, Rouslan said, "She was awake and had confirmed in the mirror many times.There was a problem since she was back, father and boyfriend were very angry.They were drunk with me He said that he made him hypnotized, "he says, and the tattoo says" I carved it exactly as requested ".

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