Corruption corpses are found from cars that have been torn out of parking illegal parks many times

It seems that a rotten cadaver was found from a minivan that was going to be moved by towker, pasted a kip of parking violation many times. What I found was a missing male, and a man's family asked why a human who affixed a violation kip noticed the body.

Details are as below.
New York City Cops Ticket Car On Repeatedly While Driver Lay Dead Inside For Weeks -

The bodies found were from 58-year-old George Morales and seemed to have been left alone for a month at the rear seat of a van to which four parking breach invitations were affixed. My daughter Jennifer tells me that he was shocked that his father's body was not discovered for a long time.

Minivan parked under the Brooklyn Queens highway.

According to Jennifer, George took a friend's minivan and went out on May 5th, he should have headed for Long Island, but was later missing. Jennifer guesses George's cause of death is a heart attack, according to a medical examiner, Jennifer says George, who became a painful person, stopped taking a car at the end of the road.

George's body will not be covered with a blanket or coat, but if you look at the back seat, you should have known that there is someone, but a violation kip is stuck on every Monday, when you move the towker one month later The existence of the corpses never became public.

Jennifer suggested that the reason why a human who affixed a violation Kip did not see the inside of the car was not clarified and the traffic control officers and the police should stop taking a parking violation without looking inside the car doing.

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