Mysterious men with umbrella at Tiananmen Square in China appeared, obstructed coverage of press coverage all together

On 4th June 1989 in China "Tiananmen Incident (6 Tiananmen Incident)Twenty years have passed since it occurred, but obviously the mysterious men repeatedly interfered with foreign media staff covering the Tiananmen Square in Beijing, which was the setting stage became.

Despite fine weather, men brought "Umbrella (umbrella)" instead of "parasol", it seems that they were interfering systematically.

Details are as below.
CNN, BBC and AFP reporters accosted by umbrella-wielding "undercover" police at Beijing's Tiananmen Square [UPDATED] - Shanghaiist

According to this article, CNN reporter John Vause interviewed at Tiananmen Square in China on June 4th local time, it seems that the mysterious man with an umbrella was interfered with the interview. The mysterious man said that he had spread his umbrella in front of the camera and was unable to shoot the situation of Tiananmen Square.

Where a man holding an umbrella is interfering

Also CNN's Beijing director Jaime Flor Cruz also revealed on their own Twitter that at the Tiananmen Square of the day police officers and uniform clothes police officers had an umbrella.

Jaime FlorCruz (jflorcruz) on Twitter

Besides CNN, BBC and AFP are suffering similar damage, and the state is delivered with animation.

This is BBC. It is being disturbed by two people.
BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Media banned from Tiananmen Square

AFP is similarly disturbed. Is it a manifestation of a strong will that I do not want to be photographed?
YouTube - Police use umbrellas to stop filming on Tiananmen

By the way, according to the following link, in celebrating 20 years since the Tiananmen Incident, it seems that access to various web services such as Hotmail was blocked in China.

Partially blocking the net in China, 20 years before the Tiananmen Incident | Reuters

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