Gas mask treated with Louis Vuitton and Gucci brand logo

Do not inhale harmful gases, etc. Gas mask to protect eyes etc. The usual gas mask is a weapon design, many things that give the viewer a sense of fear are increasing, but dare to design there is a gorgeous atmosphere that treats the famous brand logo there.

Details are as below.
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Gas mask with Louis Vuitton logo.

The Vuitton logo is canceling the bravery.

Just with this logo somehow the trust in the function rises.

It can be decorated as an interior.

Gas mask containing Gucci logo.

The logo is decorated casually with a white background.

Gas mask full of decoration.

It may not be practical, but it is luxurious.

The scary atmosphere may be relieved by the decoration around the eyes.

These works are works of Diddo Velema who has been working as a designer and art director for 12 years. Other works can be seen from the following official website.

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