Microsoft officially announces the next generation mobile player "Zune HD", declaration of war on the iPod touch, Nintendo DS, PSP etc.

Previously at GIGAZINEMicrosoft will introduce "Zune X", a highly functional portable game machineI finally announced the official announcement today.

The official name is "Zune HD"With an organic EL touch panel, it is a next-generation player capable of playing high-definition movies and full browsing.

Details are as below.
Confirms New Zune HD Portable Media Player: Premium Zune digital entertainment service to be available internationally on Xbox LIVE.

According to this release, Microsoft is said to release the mobile player "Zune HD" in the fall.

"Zune HD" is a 480 × 272 organic EL touch panel compatible with multi-touch interface, TV output function of high-definition movie using the optional docking station, wireless LAN that can purchase songs directly from "Zune music store", multi-touch It has built-in full screen Internet browser optimized for, and it will work closely with "Xbox LIVE Video Marketplace".

In addition to the international expansion of the Zune brand, it will be announced how the game will change as "Zune HD" is integrated into Xbox LIVE at the game industry trade show "E3" to be held in Los Angeles next week I am trying.

In addition to becoming a powerful competitor of iPod touch in addition to what kind of announcement it will become, it becomes existence which brings about a new whirlwind in portable game machine industry by being integrated into Xbox LIVE Is it?

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