"Spring's headphone festival 2009" that collects headphones from around the world and listens to it is held today.

Along with the popularization of portable music players including iPods and walk makers, the headphone corner of home appliance mass merchandisers is also very bustling, but we can gather headphones of famous manufacturers around the world and listen to them "Spring Headphone Festival 2009It is said that it will be held today.

It might be a good idea to find the best headphones that suits yourself with this.

Details are as follows.
Headphone Festival 2009 Spring Fujiya AVIC Digital Style Shop

According to this page, "Headphone Festival 2009 Spring" will be held in the 15th floor room of Nakano Sanguraza from 11: 00 ~ 17: 30 today on May 9th (Sat) today. Admission is free.

In the venue, headphones and earphones of famous manufacturers around the world are gathered together and can be listened to, and in addition,SennheiserIs planning to announce "HD 800" which is the highest model of headphones between 11:30 and 12:20.

This is the mascot character "Headphone daughter" of the spring headphone festival 2009.

In addition, the acoustic equipment maker known for high end earphone "E2c" etc.ShureIt is said that a complete custom made ear tip which can correspond to all series of etc etc will be displayed and demonstrations of creation of impressions by otolaryngologist doctors will be carried out as well.

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