A dubious spaceship is on sale on eBay

Mail order and net auctions are being heldEBayIt seems that the spaceship is currently being sold. I think that some people are excited when they hear that the spaceships are on sale, but in the comments of the seller "I can not explain it in detail"It is stated as being somewhat dubious and intriguing in a different meaning.

Details are from the following.
RARE LG. METAL UFO ALIEN SPACE SHIP / DOOR & HATCHES WORK - eBay (item 140316681224 end time May - 25 - 0 06: 11: 16 PDT)

A spacecraft where this is sold. It is rashboro ...

Inside is like this. I certainly do not want to explain in detail.

Does this alien doll come with?

I carry it like this.

As of 17:16 on May 7, 2009, it is 5750 dollars (about 570 thousand yen), but at this point it seems suspicious and no one seems to be bidding. Payment method is only cash, it seems that you have to go to Florida actually.

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