As you can read "Regards to New Blackjack" on the official website of the author at 30 yen per epis soon, a new series is also being prepared

Mr. Hidefumi Sato who is the author of "New York Black Jack" "Good Luck to Black Jack" "Umaiko" "Isle of Special" is planning to serialize new works on the net at the manga production diary of the official site I understood that I revealed it.

Several shocking facts have been revealed in the "Manga poor" series in the diary of the author's official website in the first place, and since manga manuscript fee is actually cheaper than I think, staff etc. There is a case that it becomes deficit when it is included, the fact that the royalty rate is fixed at 10% without reason, the absence of contract with the publisher, the editorial department does something without permission to the author too much There are also a lot of things like enumeration (such as arbitrary change of the character name, "North Korea's machine ship" is changed to "machine ship", etc.), etc., and by revealing them nakedly Including pros and cons for the above, I was dealing with a big topic.

So, the details to worry about is from below.
Hidefumi Sato on Web

This is because in April 12 "Manga Poverty Part 7.

Then, I secretly drew a new name for the new work.

Things that I understood by some things.

In addition, "I'm glad to see New Blackjack" will be readable on the official website of the author one month after publication of the magazine. This is what the author made clear by Mr. Hidefumi Sato on April 13 "Manga Poverty That Part 8." In the diary,

Originally, manuscript is a publication fee paid from a publisher in order to be posted once in a magazine. By paying the manuscript fee, the publisher gains the primary usage right to the magazine of the manuscript. In other words, it is not money to buy the manuscript itself by the publisher, but the handling of manuscripts once posted in magazines is actually freedom of cartoonists. The manuscript is the property of a manga artist.

Regarding online comics, it becomes secondary usage so I can do it freely.

As I mentioned my own opinion, it seems that we have already talked with the editor-in chief and have posted online even one month after publication of the magazine. Among them,

There is already a new name.

It is said that it is planned to be released after drawing a serial work such as "I'm glad at new Blackjack" which is currently serialized.

And more concrete things are written in "Manga Poverty Part 9" on April 16, 2009, and the old series works such as "I'm glad at Blackjack" "Umizaru" "Settled negotiator M" and others It is revealed that the short story is 10 yen per episode, two of "serialize in New Jersey Blackjack" and "island of special edition" currently serialized in a magazine will be 30 yen per episode.

Since it is not written what the price of the new series will be, it is unknown at this time. Details such as whether the price is just the price to read once, whether it is limited for a limited period, whether it can be read many times, what it is downloadable, etc. are still unknown.

In addition, this billing system is currently under construction and it takes about two more months. In "Manga Poverty Part 10" on April 19, 2009, as details of this billing system, the point from minimum 300 yen It seems that it is structured that it purchases and reads manga as 1 point 1 yen, it seems to be structured. Payment can be made by credit card or web money. Apparently it seems to start running around June 2009.

Also, on April 12th, "Manga Poverty Part 7." wants to utilize the net as the final goal for paper publication,

If you acquire even a book code, it will not be distributed to the bookstore, but it is possible to sell books on the net by self-publishing using online bookstores such as Amazon.

Because there is a sentence saying that the new work on the official website may finally become available as a paper book.

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