Is it easy to produce doujinshi now? Amazon launched book self-publishing service

It seems that Amazon's subsidiary Amazon in the US abolished the registration fee for self-publication of books, CDs and DVDs. And just by preparing the data of books, you will be able to sell self-published books on, and you can also select book dimensions and bindings as options.

In other words, will Amazon be able to sell doujinshi made by himself?

Details are as follows. Investor Relations: Press Release

According to this release, CreateSpace, a subsidiary of Amazon, made free registration fee when publishing books, CDs, DVDs at their own expense, and made it possible to sell on just by uploading data.

After registering and uploading data, you need to purchase one copy for confirmation, but the rest will be printed and shipped within 24 hours at the same time as ordering. Besides being printed with a high-quality full-color paper back cover, the books that have been issued can be selected for multiple finishing dimensions, ink color, etc. The price itself is also an attractive thing.

It seems like there is some way to make doujinshi, coterie CD, doujin DVD.

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