Notice to install "Innovative feature device" to introduce new products of laptop "Mebius" for the first time in about a year from Sharp

Since April 2008, Sharp's notebook PC brand "Mebius" which was thought to be a matter of time to withdraw no longer with no announcement of a completely new model, but it is said that a new model will be released for the first time in a year It is clear that we are recruiting 100 monitors. "Innovative features Loading of devices"Is foretold, it is a place to worry about.

Speaking of Mebius once used "MURAMASAAlthough there was a glorious period of sending a notebook PC with a rather extravagant concept such as "The mobile note type is extinct from the Mebius series at present, it is not clearly seen even at the store electronics retailer's store, and even on the net"Mobius is gone?It was a worry that it was worried.

Details are as below.
PC Mobius: Sharp

Renewal of laptop "Mebius" home page | News release: Sharp

As the new "Mebius" is scheduled to be announced, the Mobius website has been renewed from today, and it is said that content will be developed that will predict Mobius's reborn features and concepts.

The theme is "2009 Mobius changes when you change," and it seems that it will be a content that will predict the new Mobius feature that can express "your likeness". At the moment, Flash is probably deployed which seems to have something to do with the concept of the new product.

There are various patterns such as drawing a line by dragging with a mouse, calligraphy, wiping tears with handkerchief, etc. Various patterns are prepared and will be skipped to the new Mebius entry page when you play.

In addition, from now on, in order to further evolve the function, design, operability etc of Mobius, we are looking for a monitor to have a trial of the new product Moebius, so you can check details from the following page. Since you do not need to return it after the monitor is finished, you will be able to get a new Mebius with free.

We are looking for 100 new laptop monitors!

Entry period is from April 14 (Tuesday) 2009 to 17: 00 on Wednesday May 13 (Wed) 2009.

In order to apply for a monitor, it is necessary to become a member of the e-mail magazine "Sharp information dissemination & amp; exchange site (tentative name)" (free), and when the application reaches 10,000 entries, it is during the acceptance period It is said that recruitment is over.

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