Classify personality and personality according to the shape of the brain

There are things like judging personality by blood type, birth date, etc., but it seems to be possible to classify what kind of personality it becomes depending on the shape of the brain. Although it seems that it can be divided into several personality depending on the size of a specific area of ​​the brain, it is still under study and it is not yet understood why such personality will be.

If studies show details, it may become easier to know in advance what kind of personality a child born will have in the future.

Details are from the following.
How the shape of your brain shows what kind of personality you have | Mail Online

According to Professor Annalena Venneri of Hull University in the United Kingdom, when examining the relationship between the shapes and personality of 85 brains, the shape of the brain, "personality pursuing new things", "personality trying to avoid harm" It is understood that it is classified into four categories, "Personality dependent on remuneration" and "Personality to stick".

"Personality pursuing new things" is the part of the dent of the skull into which the eyeball entersOrbitalThe area of ​​the brain just above the average is larger than the average, "the character trying to evade harm" The brain of a personOrbital frontal cortexAnd that the area called "the posterior occipital region" is very small. Moreover, in the "personality dependent on rewards" people seem to be very small in the area called the fronto striatal area, which is also associated with autism. In this article, it was not mentioned what kind of shape "sticking character" is.

Although it seems to be able to be classified into four types at the present time, it may be possible to find out the shape of the brain of a baby who was just born in the future and to know in detail what kind of character will be in the future.

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