Now rumorous rumor appeared in PS 2, the price to less than 10,000 yen?

Focused overseasRumor faded away one by one, Even at home in the endInventory disappears from some retailersAlthough it is thought that it is a harbinger of the new type and real price cut announcement, etc., it is spotlighted, but this time, the information that PS2 which is the former generation model drops is leaked.

There are still numerous software including "Hit Title" such as "Super Robot Taisen Z" released, and it is the next generation of Microsoft at the unit sales from March 16th to March 22nd 2009PS 2 that is thin on Xbox 360However, if price cuts are realized, it is likely that it will be a long way to retire from the line.

Details are as follows.
Rumor: PS 2 dropping to $ 100 around April 5

According to this article, an official of K - Mart, the leading supermarket in the United States, has leaked internal information that PS2 's black model will be released at 99.99 dollars (about 9800 yen) from April 5.

This official has leaked reliable information in the past and said that this price is not considered to be temporary sale. Also, concerning the price cut of PS3 that is worrisome, K Mart's internal information says there was no evidence to support it.

Since it is a story to the last in the United States, I do not know whether PS2 price reduction will occur at the same time in Japan,PS2 software "Amagami" that users who purchased 13 users for shop privilege appearedThere are a lot of people who benefit from price cuts, considering that many software such as that is released and that the PS3 of the current model does not have compatibility with PS2.

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