"Punch out !!" Mike Tyson was out as a rasubus was renewed at Wii, a trailer movie appeared

Boxing game popular with Nintendo "Punch out! It is!". After exiting as a prize of the game competition, "Mike Tyson Punch Out !!" added as Mike Tyson as Rasubosu was sold for sale but the trailer movie is released as its masterpiece is sold as Wii's new software It is.

It seems that NES version will be renewed, and old-fashioned characters are appearing in movies.

Details are as below.
Title logo.
Gametrailers.com - Punch-Out !! - Opponents Trailer

The main character's clothing is the same, but looks are quite different. Is it the same Little Mac as the Nintendo version?

Glass Joe became the first enemy in the NES version.

It seems that the upper of Special Hits also remains alive.

German boxer, von Kaiser.

Disco Kid. Is it another type of don flamenco that appeared while dancing with roses?

King Hippo with a strong defense of steel walls.

There seems to be a running scene that was an impressive BGM with Nintendo.

This is a previously debuted trailer.
Gametrailers.com - Punch-Out !! - Debut Trailer

KO scene of dramatic production.

It can also be said to be the real pleasure of "punch out !!", you can see the deadly upper by dodging the opponent's punch.

Since the character "Mike Tyson" disappeared from the title, it may be another boxer, but I am looking forward to selling it.

By the way, the Japanese version of NES 'Mike Tyson Punch Out !!' is like this. Mike Tyson appeared and advertised.
YouTube - Mike Tyson's Punchout Japanese Famicom Commercial

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