A giant G pen whose first autographers Sunday and magazine posted an autograph · Part 1

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the launch, a giant G pen with signature by successive writers of "Weekly Shonen Sunday" and "Weekly Shonen Magazine" was produced. At the venue of the alumni association held at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, seven cartoonists drew a direct sign with a pen and the cartoonists who had not yet signed on went on to write directly one after another Was seen.

The details of the G pen and the movies of the cartoonists who write the sign are from the following.
A huge G pen appears from the back of the panel

A G pen hidden in appearance.

I will show you by the hands of the two editors.

This is the G pen whose successive cartoonists drew a signature.

A signature is drawn directly on the spot.

First, Professor Fujiko Fujio A, Professor Sato and Taka to the teacher, Professor Chibettaya and Professor Yaguchi Kaohsa sign.

Mr. Yaguchi Kaohsi depicting Sampei.

Next, Professor Adachi, Rumiko Takahashi, Mr. Makoto Kobayashi signed us a sign.

Dr. Rumiko Takahashi's drawing with the signature is "Luck of Urusei Yatsura".

50th anniversary commemoration huge G pen completed.

There is tremendous force.

Fujiko Fujio A signature of Professor.

The sign of the teacher is Sato · Taka.

The sign of Professor Chibutotsu.

Author of Yaguchi Takao.

Signature of Professor Adachi.

The sign of Dr. Rumiko Takahashi.

Makoto Kobayashi signed by Mr. Kobayashi.

After that, the G pen was brought outside the stage, but the teachers of comic artists who came later added more and more drawing signs.

Second partfollowed by.

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