"Monkey Electric light" to vividly light up the bicycle wheel

When attached to the wheel, it light up to various patterns, and it is this "Monkey Electric light" that you can customize the bicycle very closely. Not only can attract attention from surroundings, it may also be useful as a nighttime accident prevention measure.

Details are from the following.
MonkeyLectric LED Bike Wheel Light - Monkey Electric - Monkeyelectric

This is the Monkey Lectric light body.

Attaching like this, when you turn the tire, a pattern comes out.

There are quite a few variations. Some of the following pictures are partial.

Image image.

You can see the movie running the bicycle with Monkey Electric light actually from below.
YouTube - MonkeyLectric - revolutionary bicycle lighting

The price is $ 64.99 (about 6400 yen), which seems to be actually sold.

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