Jane Establishes Jane Corporation as a Creator of 2 Channel's Special Browser "Jane Style"

2channel special browser "Jane StyleIn addition, Mr. Ryota Yamashita, who has developed software that made it possible to see more comfortable Internet services such as YouTube and Nico Nico video more comfortably, announced the establishment of "Jane Corporation Co., Ltd.". The business seems to be "software development business using the Internet".

Details are as below.
Notice of Establishment of "Jane Co., Ltd." | Jane Corporation

Software developed by Mr. Yamashita is a dedicated browser dedicated to viewing 2channelJane Style", YouTube and Nico Nico dedicated browser for video"TubePlayer"Tool that can easily save Nico Nico video with just right click"SmileDownloader"Such. It seems that establishing a company is to provide products and services that further enhance user convenience.

The establishment date is February 12, 2009 and the business content is "Software development business using the Internet". The latest edition of "Jane Style", "TubePlayer", "SmileDownloader" is also released at the same time as announcing the establishment of the company. Although each software is still free software that can be used for free now, will there also be paid version software with more convenient functions in future?

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