TWOTOP, holding "Takano birthday festival" to receive 16GB SDHC memory card

It became clear that "Takano birthday festival" which can receive 16 GB SDHC memory card will be held just by telling the clerk celebration at PC part shop "TWOTOP".

It is such a wonderful event, but what exactly is that? Also, it seems that cheap sale of terrestrial digital broadcast tuners will also be done.

* It was added to 12: 48

Details are as follows.
Together - Tappy NEO This week Takano birthday festival

TWOTOP Akihabara Main StoreAccording to the official blog of "Takano birthday festival" will be held at the same store on weekends.

This is a sale celebrating the staff's birthday on February 8, 16GB SDHC memory card will be given to those who told me at the cash register "Takano kimi congratulations!"

Also, I took up with GIGAZINE beforeCheap USB external terrestrial digital broadcast tuner "DY-UD 200" that cuts out 5000 yenIt is said that it will be sold at 4980 yen.

· 12:48 postscript
From the morning how "congratulations" rush followed one another, it seems that the 16 GB SDHC memory card for gifts has run out. Moreover, the important staff himself said that it was a holiday today.

Trout and Tappe NEO Sorry

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