A game version of live-action movie "Dragon Ball" appeared, making it far from the original work

From the low qualityIt caught up to the crisis of entering warehouse for a whileIt is a live-action movie "DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION" which is scheduled to be released this spring, but it became clear that it was a game.

Although that screenshot has already been released, it is far from the original work.

Details are as follows.
411mania.com: Games - Namco Bandai Announces Dragonball: Evolution for the PSP

According to this article, as the movie "DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION" is released in the US in April, a game for PSP will be released from BANDAI NAMCO HOLDINGS.

This is the screenshot. Yamcha and Bulma are fighting.

Hair color and costumes are completely different from the original and animated versions.

A match between Chichi and Bulma.

Probably the battle between Yutaka and Oshiki character "Master Roshi" with Takefu Rosui (Kame Sennin).

Apart from where I am wearing Aloha shirts, I can not resemble Turtle Sennin in similar way ....

I feel like playing it in a way, but will this game be released even in Japan?

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