In order to warn of litter littering on the sandy beach, pick up garbage picked up in a food-style package

It is said that an environmental improvement campaign was held to collect trash actually falling on the sandy beach and package it in a food style lined with supermarkets. The package made has a lively impact, and it seems that the effect of appealing to the heart of a person is higher than simply showing the garbage picked up.

Details are as below.
surfrider foundation: catch of the day. << shape + colour

Condom that I took at Newport Beach in California.

Cigarette butt took off at Venice Beach.

Styrofoam which I took at Long Beach.

Plastic waste at Galveston Beach in Texas.

Spray cans taken at South Padre beach.

This was made by Malibu surfersSurfrider FoundationWhenSatchi & Satchi LAIt was a campaign cooperatively carried out, and it was said that it was actually placed in the food store as well. If these garbage is lined with fish and shellfish, it is likely to receive a great shock.

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