Apple refuses iPhone application "iBoobs" to shake the boobs

Shaking the iPhone, the boobs shake, Apple just refused to distribute the iPhone application "iBoobs" that was waiting for by the boobs of the whole world as much as that.

Details are as below.Macenstein | Apple: "No iBoobs for you!

Mystic Game DevelopmentIPhone application "iBoobs" developed by the company was refused to sell and distribute at Apple's application store. Reason for refusal was "Application was judged to be uncomfortable for iPhone / iPod Touch users due to obscene / pornographic / unpleasant / slanderous expressions (sentences, graphics, photos etc) or Apple's fair judgment It should not contain content ".

Playing back this "iBoobs" actually shaking is from the following. For playbackAge authentication requiredis.

YouTube - iBoobs on iPhone

It is shaking up and down and right and left. Although how to shake is splendid and real, breasts themselves can be seen as CG even if they are seen at a distance, and the existence of nipple can not be confirmed. Apple's review criteria seems to be a bit harsh that this is rejected.

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