KDDI launches ultra compact walkman phone "Walkman Phone, Xmini", also supports high-quality music distribution service

The Sony Ericsson mobile phone maker, Sony Group,Thoroughly pitching on "Walkman Mobile" sticking to sound quality as a new strategyWe talked about today, today an ultra compact walkman phone "Walkman Phone, Xmini" was announced as a new terminal for au from KDDI.

It seems like a terminal that is a concealed ball for winter sales, but what kind of model is it? It also seems to be compatible with newly launched high-quality music distribution service.

Details are as follows.
As a new lineup of au mobile phones, "Walkman (R) Phone, Xmini" which fully enjoy music with super compact body is released | 2008 | KDDI CORPORATION

According to this release, KDDI will release an ultra compact walkman phone "Walkman Phone, Xmini" from the end of December.

"Walkman Phone, Xmini" is a cellular phone of 44 mm × 75 mm × 18 mm and 75 g in a rather compact body 1.8 inch QVGA liquid crystal and 4 GB memory, play / stop music of a song, fast forward / rewind, It is said that it has a touch sensor key which can intuitively operate music functions such as music feed / music return and volume control.

And it is adopted also in the walkman "DSEE" which can clearly reproduce high frequencies clearly, "clear stereo" realizing a clear stereo feel by separating right and left sounds of stereo firmly, a powerful deep bass tightened It is equipped with high-quality sound technology "clear audio technology" including "clear base" to play, and Sony's "large aperture 13.5 mm EX high sound quality stereo earphone" comes with it.

In addition to being compatible with Bluetooth so that you can enjoy music wirelessly, it seems to be compatible with the new service "Chaku-Uta Full Plus" that can download AAC 320 kbps songs.

Color lineup is 4 colors. This is green × blue

Purple × Pink

White × turquoise

Black x Black

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