Mouse factory documentary movie complete version that chased until the 1 billionth mouse was completed

In November 2008One billionth mouse was shipped from LogitechAlthough it is impossible, at least 23 people are involved in this mouse until it takes 12 weeks until the mouse of the retail product goes through the manufacturing process of the factory and it is purchased at the store from the factory, and moreover, the mouse button is 3 million It seems to have been tested ~ 5 million times.

So, let 's see what kind of environment the mouse is made in and the state of the factory.
Documentary movie of factory that produced 1 billionth mouse

The contents of the movie are pretty long so if you explain it carefully, it looks like this

This is a mouse production plant

Production scene of cordless laser mouse, firstMolding(injection molding)

Next is assembling. It is mainly manual work.

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Assembling the foundation

We assemble the parts we saw so far


Quality test on whether it works properly

Just click mouse click

Keep on running alone

Wheel keeps rotating

It is not included in the movie, but the other aspects look like this

Inside the factory


Mouse Gow

Mouse full

Just click the mouse and test

Wheel part full

There are quite a lot of manual work


I will make more and more

March of mice

I was wondering if it is more automated, but I am surprised that there are more manual work than I imagined. Many parts of handmade while saying something, it becomes study.

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