The casino plays a game with a loss of 27.5 million dollars

American casino "Hollywood CasinoHowever, when we sent a direct mail to 1000 customers due to the customer appreciation campaign, there was a possibility that it would be lost 27.5 million dollars (about 2.5 billion yen) by being sent to 55,000 people 55 times by mistake by the merchant Came out.

Details are as below.

Pa. Casino says offer of slots credits was mistake

This customer campaign was to get 100 dollar coins per week for 5 weeks and to play with slot machines, which was supposed to cost only 500,000 dollars × 100 dollars × 5 weeks at schedule. However, a direct mail dealer made a mistake and sent an invitation to all addresses in the customer database, which could be 55 times the $ 27.5 million burden. You can not refund this 100 dollar as it is, but you can redeem the amount you made by betting, so further loss will spread if you do not carelessly get hit in the middle of the term.

The hotel announced that it will shorten the campaign until January 4 next year by December 25 instead of implementing a campaign even for customers who were not originally invited. Does this casino gaming trying to cut losses work just fine?

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