Wendy's "Creamy Asparagus Bacon Burger" Tasting Review

As Creamy Asparagus Bacon Burger was released on Wednesday 2 December (Tuesday), I went to the shop and bought it at once.

Speaking of Wendy's hamburger, it is a huge patty that appeals to the presence from the buns. Is it an asparagus added and it is a product with balanced meat and vegetables?

Details are as below.
++ Creamy Asparagus Bacon Burger / Super Mega Wendy's Set 40 yen discount ++

I bought it.

Creamy asparagus bacon burger that is lined up side by side. Only one piece of the seal written as "SPECIAL TASTE" is one piece, but this one is Patty's single. Because everything else is double, there are two stickers.

Patty who releases its presence as ever. This weight feeling does not collect.

I peeled off the upper buns. Bacon on top of Patti, and asparagus on board it is quite a volume.

Even just a lot of patty is a lot of Wendies, so I joined the bacon and become a meaty burger, but the freshness of asparagus is a good accent. Asparagus has few streaks, it is soft and easy to eat. However, when you really eat, it becomes one by one, you eat only asparagus first and the rest becomes a sad condition of meat burger as well, so if you do not consider the balance when you eat it may be bad. Mushrooms were completely forgotten to exist.

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