A shocking fourth-generation data center concept that Microsoft does not have a roof

When considering the server and the rack that houses it, the density is the most concerned. Since the area of ​​the data center itself is limited, various methods such as blade server and server virtualization have been considered so as to increase the density as much as possible. However, Microsoft seems to think that it should fundamentally change from the "building" that puts them in, and seems to be planning a data center with no roof and short construction period.

This is a kind of paradigmatic event in the history of the data center over the past 30 years.

What kind of data center are you planning to make, the concept movie that explains the whole thing clearly with CG is reproduced from the following.
Our Vision for Generation 4 Modular Data Centers - One way of Getting it just right . . . << LooseBolts

This is the movie,"Microsoft Generation 4.0 Data Center Vision"

In addition to servers and racks in this data center, the building itself that houses them is modularized and Microsoft plans to adopt this method for cloud data centers over the next five years. First of all, the building that houses the server is changed to "container", and all necessary necessary parts for electricity and security are incorporated in this container in a unified standard.

The excellent point of this method is that not much upfront investment is necessary. Basically, it only carries containers unified according to the same standard beforehand, so it can save labor costs etc. of workers involved in construction, just bring the container so that you can tell by watching the movie, so the construction period is a play In short, the cost is reduced.

Everything including the necessary parts for this container are all produced at the factory, bringing them to the site and feeling a combination. Microsoft has compared this to the "automotive manufacturer Ford's" flow work method ", and automobiles and airplanes all over the world are made in the same way, so the data center itself that stores servers is manufactured in the same way I am doing it.

It is the value obtained by dividing the power consumption of the entire data center by the power consumption of the server etc.PUE", It seems that it is possible to reduce energy efficiency to 2.3 to 2.5 for general data center, 1.21 for google, to 1.125 or less by 2012 for this 4th generation data center . In other words, it is very efficient, energy conservation is possible, it is environmentally friendly, and running cost is also relatively low.

Moreover, in the case where a server becomes necessary, it is enough to just bring in a container and add it, so scalability is ensured.

It seems to be an idea unique to the United States with lots of plenty yet, but it is also possible to secure scalability by connecting bases using such small areas in various places and connecting them with infrastructure is. In other words, if there is enough space to hold containers, it is also possible to virtually create a large data center by mutually connecting them.

Incidentally, Microsoft seems to be planning a fifth generation type data center which further pushed forward these, and it is where the contents are concerned.

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