Swimming pool that makes you feel like swimming in the world where the city has submerged by warming

movies"Water world"The Antarctic ice has melted and the sea level rises and the Earth, where the sea is spreading all the while, was set on the stage, but there seems to be a swimming pool that makes you feel like you are swimming on a building in a submerged city. The mysterious sight of swimming over skyscrapers has a considerable impact.

Details are as below.Directdaily: HSBC Swimming Pool

Pictures taken from the air at the bottom of the pool are affixed

A scene with a strong impact that a building rising high above usual is below herself

This pool was created by the global financial groupHSBC. It seems that it made it for the purpose of having you experience the shocking sight of the world that was submerged, not by theory but by the eyes.

HSBC's website "HSBC - GLOBAL WARMINGLink to the poolside is written

Regarding global warmingVarious discussions and objectionsHowever, what kind of life will humans do when a day when big cities will be submerged entirely?

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