A movie to catch up to eat bacteria by tremendous like Pac-Man

A type of white blood cell "Neutrophil"Has a phagocytosis that catches up with foreign bodies such as various pathogens and bacteria and eats puerperily and a very interesting movie that shoots the state is released on YouTube. There are things that are deeply embarrassing if you think that these are in your body and keep your health.

Playback is from the following.
YouTube - Crawling Neutrophil Chasing a Bacterium

This movie was filmed in the 1950's with 16 mm video, photographer Mr. David Rogers of Vanderbilt University. About this "neutrophil", you can understand how it moves in three dimensions by looking at the following movies delivered by Omni Science Net.

YouTube - Science video museum MEDICAL neutrophil neutrophils

If you only look at the picture, you can only understand it in a planar way, but if you look at it actually doing this way, you will feel like I was able to understand it quite a bit. At the same time as I realize the power of the image, I feel that this kind of image is a net, and moreover it can be seen free of itself, "It is a good era".

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