What is "DSGAMEJP" arrested for downloading and selling game software for Magicone of Nintendo DS?

According to ACCS's announcement, on November 13, Kyoto Prefectural Police and others allegedly sold the game software duplicated without permission to Nintendo, Osaka Prefecture Neyagawa-shi unoccupied man A (37 years old), Representative Director of the limited company of the city Three people, female B (58 years old) and unknown male C (21 years old) in the city, were arrested for suspected copyright law violation.

What kind of site was the site "DSGAMEJP" that was downloading and selling Nintendo DS's game software for magicone that triggered arrest?

Details are as below.
Arrested three people for pirated sale of Nintendo DS

According to the page of ACCS, the outline of the incident is as follows.

· The microSD card which duplicated the game software data of 5 titles without permission was sold at "10,980 yen" with a set of equipment called "Majikon" which is necessary for running the game software.

- Upload a large amount of game software for Nintendo DS without permission without permission after specifying as "DS GAME JP" homepage "DS GAME JP" to be "DS games downloading" "All games are 0 to 500 yen" etc. Building a mechanism to download at a fee. In addition, "R4" which is a type of magicone for Nintendo DS is also sold. By the way, the average retail price of genuine Nintendo DS game software is "3,200 yen".

· Kyoto police investigators found "DSGAMEJP" at cyber patrol

Although it is already disconnected, the following sites were sold.

~ ~ ~ DSGAMEJP ~ ~ ~ DS game download age

In the title of the page already it is declared "DS game downloading era", it is said that it is fearless fear ... ....

Google cashAs it sees, as of November 3 it seems that it sold at the following price. It is quite cheap.

Your hero: 500 yen
Akumajo Dracula stolen stamp: 500 yen
Culdcept DS: 400 yen
AWAY shuffle dungeon: 400 yen
Riddle and quiz answer incoming Q mate! :300 yen
Yatterman DS 2 Bikkuri Dokkiri Animal Adventure: 400 Yen
Star Wars Force Henri pood: 300 yen
Cute puppy DS 2: 300 yen
Snoopy Dies - Let's meet Snoopy and our colleagues! : 400 yen
Railway test DS: 400 yen
Railway Musume DS ~ Terminal Memory ~: 400 yen
Ashbo in Nihongo DS: 300 yen
Nakamura Sumiko Thorough guidance New TOEIC test 1 day 1 minute DS lesson 1 week with intensive program: 300 yen
UNKNOWN SOLDIER ~ Roar of the horse ~: 400 yen
Kumamata: 500 yen
World destruction ~ Intention to be guided ~: 400 yen
Knights in the Nightmare: 400 yen
Intuition! Play with Rilakkuma: 300 yen
SIMPLE DS series Vol.44 THE GAL Mahjong: 200 yen
GABU ★ GABU Planet: 300 yen
Adversity none Kaiji Death or Survival: 400 yen
Princess Maker 4 DS Special Edition: 400 yen
Yu Chen pen character training DS: 200 yen
Utimura and Sudoku try! ~ Nicoli carefully selected 7 large puzzles 555 ~: 300 yen
Dragon ball DS: 500 yen
Oshii criminal - Detective Mr., I did it ~: 300 yen
Beast Criminal Tokyo Repeat the September 11 terrorist attack! :300 yen
Illumi Split - Hikari's Puzzle -: 300 yen
Long Vacation Dolphin and me: 300 yen
Pokemon Platinum: 500 yen
Quiz Magic Academy DS: 400 yen
Supernormal phenomenon research file supervised by Gakken mu editorial department: 200 yen
Spare Creatures: ¥ 300
Theresia - Theresia - Dear Emile: 400 yen
Comic garden in the starry sky: 400 yen

Also,Cash on September 15The number of VIP members is "10274"Cache for November 6So the number of VIP members is "10497", it seems that roughly speaking, about 30 people have increased at a pace every week.

Like ordinary mail-order site "Operator overviewAlthough it does not know whether it is true or not, the management company is "EXCEL Co., Ltd.", the location is "Osaka prefecture Osaka city", the establishment is "September 01, 2005", the capital is " 10 million yen ", and the number of employees is" 16 people ". Somehow the contact address is Yahoo! And it is Google's free email address ......

Q & A pageLooking at it, we have narrowed the target to beginners pretty well, and it has become a content that is extravagantly polite. The following is an example.

Q Although the charge took it, I could not download it.
Please contact A.e-mail. If downloading is impossible, there is no charge.

Q I have a game I want to download ...?
A. We will contact you as soon as we can.

Q I have a question?
A. Your question is from e-mail. If it is not Saturday, Sunday, we will reply as soon as possible.

Q Although I am a beginner, is the operation easy to download?
A. Yes, since I use photographs carefully, it is possible for beginners to operate without problem.

Q How long does it take to download?
A The time to download one game is about 1 minute.

Q How long will it become possible to download after depositing money?
A. Weekdays except Saturdays and Sundays will confirm payment within 24 hours and will process the book registration.

Q Are there any new games?
A. Popular games will arrive within a week after the new release.

In addition, this site used to be "NDSGAMEJPIt is operated under the name of "It is becoming a fuss on the net in 2007.

Chara wwwwwDS software is free wwwwwwwww: VIPPER I

DS game is the era to download? Doubtful site of 16 employees - Daily sharing daily report

Also, because it is a company that registers the domain name from Hong Kong etc., the company's director's name is Chinese-style, it's kinda dangerous feeling, so it's a matter of course that the police will go to arrest It is a feeling that can not be said to be a flow.

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