"CUBEECRAFT" to publish popular character paper craft for free

It is a paper craft distribution site of a character having a unique and amusing atmosphere. If you download it and print it, just cut it and fold it and assemble it. There are many things that can be completed relatively easily in terms of modeling.

Details are as below.
Here is a paper craft. Click on the character and then click "DOWNLOAD" to see the original image.

I will introduce some of the paper crafts below.

Ultra Seven

Star Wars'sStormtrooper


"MOTHER 2 Giant's counterattackThe hero ofNess




"Neon Genesis EVANGELIONAppears inThe third apostle Sakiel

"Tengen Toppa Gurren LagannAppears inLagan


Easiest to makeIs it? block

game"Z.O.EAfter master's post machineJehuty. Parts are overpowered

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