Charging the top page of "Yahoo! Keitai" that SOFTBANK MOBILE can access with a single button, charge recharge when you tilt the mobile phone

Announced that SOFTBANK MOBE will charge a top page of "Yahoo! Keitai" that can be accessed simply by pressing the "Y!" Button of the mobile phone terminal.

This will not only allow access to the top page, which was free for the past, to cost 10 yen per time, and in the case of some mobile phones, only tipping the main body will recharge tens of yen about.

Details are as follows.
About "Yahoo! Keitai" Top Page | SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.

According to this release, SOFTBANK MOBILE says "Tada songba", "tada games", "tadakomi", "tadada deco", "tada book", "tada melody", etc. in the page "Yahoo! Keitai" connected simply by pressing the "Y! It seems to further strengthen the information charge free service. Also, Yahoo! We will further strengthen collaboration centering on popular free services provided by JAPAN.

And according to this measure, I hear that the communication fee of the top page of "Yahoo! Keitai" which was free so far will be 0.21 yen / packet from February 1, 2009 (Sunday). In addition, when subscribing to "unlimited packet" it is said that it will be 0.084 yen / packet,The Nihon Keizai Shimbun news coverageAccording to the top page, when viewing the packet fee is estimated to be several tens of yen per one.

Also, in the case of mobile phones equipped with AQUOS mobile phones and motion sensors that can rotate the screen, communication charges are required because the screen is rotated, the reloading is performed every time the top and bottom of the top page are switched by tilting the main body That's right. In other words, if you do not subscribe to 'Packet all you', is it better for you to turn off the motion sensor?

It seems a bit tough if NTT DoCoMo, au, etc. are making the display of the top page free, but is it not bad if you think about expanding free content accordingly? It may be a pity for users who are lightly checking the headlines of news posted on the top page of "Yahoo! Keitai".

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