SOFTBANK MOBILE makes the access to the charge confirmation page expensive, instruction fee charging and continuing to "Y!" Button charging

You can access by just pressing the "Y!" Button on the mobile phone terminalAccess to the "Yahoo! Keitai" top page is charged, and in some mobile phones, it will be recharged several tens of yen simply by tilting the main bodyIn addition to some mobile phonesThe instruction manual is chargeableAlthough SOFTBANK MOBILE revealed, it became clear that access to the charge confirmation page will be expensive this time.

In other companies, the fee confirmation is basically free of charge, but it seems that the amount exceeding 100 yen will be charged only by checking the fee by this. So Softbank Mobile, is it necessary to subscribe to the packet flat plan ...?

Details are as follows.
Handle information such as mobile phonesMOBILEDATABANKAccording to the image of the leaflet enclosed with the invoice, uploaded to the page "Monday December 1 (Monday) a page that allows you to check charges and change the contract content on the mobile phone"My SoftBankIt seems to be Flash. Although it is possible to change to text version later, Flash initialization will be the Flash version for Flash compatible models.

This is the leaflet. It seems that once you access and switch to text version you can not return to the text version.

And there is a communication fee to use "My SoftBank", but since the file size of the top page of "My SoftBank" will be about 45 KB along with Flash development, the file size on "12 KB Considering from the packet communication fee of about 25 yen ", it seems that packet communication charges of less than 100 yen will be applied just by accessing" My SoftBank ".

Mail / Web fee | SoftBank

Also, in order to access "My SoftBank", access to the "Yahoo! Keitai" top page is necessary, so in addition to packet communication fee of less than 100 yen, additional charges will be charged, but month We will continue to charge free of charge information from "bill confirmation notice (SMS)" once sent to us.

By the way NTT docomo and au compete, but access to "i menu" and "EZ top menu" which is the top page of SoftBank Mobile's "Yahoo! Keitai" is free, and access to the charge confirmation page is also free That's right.

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