KDDI 's au terminal Check out the 2009 spring model or the device whose model number has been renewed

The other day KDDI adopted high quality organic EL display etcWe announced the au terminal of Fall / Winter 2008 modelApparently, it seems that the preparation of the mobile phone terminal which is regarded as the 2009 spring model is going on steadily.

Although the model number which seems to be a new terminal is already clarified, perhaps it may be that the model number is renewed from the spring model of 2009.

Details are as follows.
Public notice of certification conformity to technical standard etc. (Ministry of Heisei era 2008)

According to the official announcement made when mobile phones and PHS terminals conform to the technical standards prescribed in the Radio Law, the new au terminal and the handheld terminal are certified to the technical standards by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

(PDF)Telecom Engineering Center Early August 2008 Certified portion

(PDF)(Telecommunications) Telecom Engineering Center Late August 2008 Certified portion

(PDF)Telecom Engineering Center Early September 2008 Certified portion

According to these pages, it seems that models such as "PTX - 931 type mobile phone radio" made by Sony Ericsson and "CDMA CA001" manufactured by Casio Hitachi Mobile Communications, and "CDMA MA 001" manufactured by Panasonic Mobile Communications are certified .

These are estimated to be au terminals because they use the same frequency band "1925.75 to 1939.25 MHz (50 kHz interval 271 waves)" as the au terminal such as "W 63 CA", "W 63 H", "W 64 SH" released the other day However, will it be the spring model 2009 as well? Whether the model number will be renewed or not is also an issue.

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