A totally stranger buys a house auctioned and is returned to the original owner

It is said that there was an exciting tale that the house which was auctioned at the end of the debt is returned by someone who does not know at all. The person who returned the house to the former owner seems to be an act of doing it in good faith and it is made to think that the world is not thrown away yet.

Let's see what situation the situation was returned.

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Mr. Tracy came to see my last goodbye to the Dallas Convention Center, which is an auction site, because his house was auctioned for auction and auctioned. In the atmosphere of speedy and vibrant venue, Tracy seems to have kept crying because our separation from our house was approaching.

Marilyn Mock who saw the puzzled appearance of Tracy asked why he was crying and found that Tracy's house was auctioned. When Tracy's house bid begins, Marilyn participates in auction. Marilyn seems to have participated in an auction on Mr. Tracy 's word, because there was no owner' s face picture in the auction book. Marilyn said that he repeatedly asked Tracy "that house is so worthwhile".

Tracy who is crying.

Marilyn Mock.

A house that was auctioned.

Ultimately Marilyn bid for about 30,000 dollars (about 2.8 million yen). It seems he returned the bidding house to Tracy. Marilyn has never been to the house he made a bid for once and he is going to check whether he is being returned to Tracy soon.

Also a figure hugging after the auction.

Marilyn commented that "People should help each other" about this case. Tracy also seems to comment that "I want to repay one day."

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