52 cows died with only one lightning strike

The other day there was a lightning strike in Uruguay, there were accidents that 52 cattle died. It is a plausible place to say that a tremendous storm came and grazing in it, but it seems that the lightning strike was only once.

If you try it as a cow owner, it is an unfortunate accident.

Details are as below.
Un rayo provoco la muerte de 52 novillos en San Jose - Diario EL PAIS - Montevideo - Uruguay

EL PAISAccording to the report, the accident occurred in the northern part of San Jose. Just when there was a lightning strike, a lot of cows were grazing and it seems that they were just gathering along the iron fenceed fence. The picture is what San Jose police announced, you can see how the cow is dead along the fence. (Please be careful as it becomes an enlarged photograph that you can get blurred by clicking)

A veterinarian who confirmed the death of a cow at the scene says the cattle may flock along the fence to protect themselves from the storm against the interview of the newspaper.

Meteorologist Fernando Torena says it is very unfortunate, although it is surprised that many cows died in a single lightning strike.

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