Fart's odor has the effect of controlling blood pressure

Fart that discharges gas that could not be fully absorbed in the body. Regardless of the strength of the odor, I think that there are not many people who likes farts, but I heard that this odor is found to have the effect of controlling blood pressure.

Despite saying that it is good for your health, the feelings you want to avoid do not disappear, but the way you look at farts seems to change only slightly.

Details are as below.
The Stink in Farts Controls Blood Pressure | LiveScience

A research result has been announced that it acts on blood vessels and prevents hypertension in hydrogen sulfide which odor like odor like rotten eggs in one of the ingredients causing farts of odor. Solomon H. Snyder MD of Jones Hopkins University said that it has been proved with experimental mice and has effects on human blood vessels.

The mouse used in the experiment has no enzyme which produces hydrogen sulfide called CSE. Unlike ordinary mice, intracellular hydrogen sulfide is exhausted and blood pressure seems to be at the same level as patients with severe hypertension. With this discovery, Snyder says that drug treatment for current hypertension will change.

Characteristics of hydrogen sulfide discovered this time include diabetes andNeurodegenerative diseaseIt seems to be applicable also to the disease, other diseases other than hypertension may also find a new treatment.

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