"Geograph British Isles" which can use landmark photographs of more than 1 million pieces of Britain Islands for free

I took pictures of Britain Islands with Great Britain and Ireland from one end and gathered landscape photos every 1 square kilometerGeograph British Isles".

The photograph began shooting in 2005, and now more than 1 million pictures of more than 7000 volunteers have been released under Creative Commons, making it possible to enjoy beautiful scenery.

Details are as below.
Geograph British Isles

The image ismapSearchable from. The red part is where there are pictures.

The following is a part of the published image. Various landscapes can be seen from the city to the countryside.

A sunset glow shot in November.

Photo by Keith Grinste

Green is spreading on one side.

Photo by Stephen Burton

A corner of Piccadilly Circus.

Photo by Pam Brophy

Concourse of subway.

Photo by Kevin Gordon

The end of the tram.

Photo by Stephen McKay

A night view with Big Ben emerging.

Photo by Christine Matthews

A river with an unusual bridge.

Photo by Stephen Burton

Wood sheet street.

Photo by Richard Copley

A landscape with an overpass.

Photo by Mick Garratt

Pastures where fantastic light gets.

Photo by Andrew Smith

Agricultural land with sheep.

Photo by Stuart Wilding

Hensol Castle.

Photo by Mark Hopkins

Exmoor's strange stone

Photo by Dave Sellers

The bank of the Tei River.

Photo by Scot Tares

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