A movie capturing the launch scene of Apollo 11 in slow motion

The Apollo 11 mission, the first human being landed in the moonSaturn V rocketA movie taken with the high speed camera shooting. The appearance of taking off while standing the fire pillar and scenes where clouds are generated from the hull reaching near the speed of sound can be seen finely.

Details are as below.
Launch scene.

A pillar of fire is coming up.

Clouds occurred near the speed of sound.

The last takeoff scene of Apollo 8 is also reflected.
YouTube - Saturn V Launch Views - High Speed ​​Cams

It is like a normal speed movie.
YouTube - As You Remember It: The Lift - Off of APOLLO 11

This is a slow motion movie where you can see the launch scene from various angles. It is also seen that outside air around the hull frozen with low temperature fuel falls into ice.
YouTube - Apollo 11 - Saturn V Launch

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