As if towering, the tallest building in the world beyond 1,000 meters high

shortlyA building with a height of 819 meters, which is considered to be the highest in the world "Burj Dubai"Is completed in Dubai, it was decided that more than 1,000 meters of building will be built this time.

It was like a gigantic tower built in the Old Testament "Genesis" for the purpose of reaching the sky, and it appeared in animation works such as "Nadia of the Seas of the Sea" and "Babyl II"Tower of BabelIt is a story that reminds me of, "What kind of building will it be?"

Details are as follows.
Article - 1794 - Dubai Plans 1140 Metre Tall Tower

According to this article, it is said that in Dubai it was decided to build the world's tallest building "Nakheel Habour" which is 1000 meters more newly.

"Nakheel Habour" is said to take at least one minute to rise to the top floor even if using an elevator capable of raising and lowering at 16.85 meters per second, which is the fastest speed at the present time, in order to transport materials and workers It is said that 150 elevators will be used. The actual height is said to be 1140 meters, it seems that there are more than 200 floors.

This is a projected completion diagram. The surrounding buildings should also be skyscrapers ....

The tip has a unique shape.

It is said that it will be over 1,000 meters above the ground, but when I go up to the top floor again, I do not think that my ears are tone with barometric pressure, or will the temperature get down at a stroke and encounter serious eyes?

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