Part of the body of celebrities preserved after death

Like a dinosaur fossil exhibited in a museum, there seem to be some people whose bones and brains are preserved.

It is a celebrity body that seems to have been handled in various ways from what is preserved for scientific purposes to what is preserved to honor achievements.

Details are as below.
Legend of Major General Dan · Shekel

Civil WarBattle of GettysburgThe bone of the foot of Major General Dan Schickel who received the shell. Bones cut for treatment were displayed with shells by the military doctor general and displayed on the National Health and Medical Museum in the USA.

Paul Broker's brain

A surgeon and an anthropologist Paul Broker who discovered an area that governs the frontal lobe language. In the part of the brain discovered, after his nameBroca FieldAlthough it is named, it seems that the brains of such a broker are preserved in the human museum in Paris.

Jose Rizal's spine

It is regarded as a hero in the Philippine independence movement fighterJose RizalThe remains are excavated 17 years after being shot dead and are currently stored under the monument of Rizal Park which is also the execution site.

George · Washington's hair

A poetLongfellowThe hair of the first President of the United States of America George Washington whose aunt was respectful. It is said that it was later donated to the Main Association of History.

Galileo's finger

Chanting the Giant Theory "even if the earth is turning"I dropped two large and small balls from the top of the leaning tower in PisaA scholar with anecdote thatGalileo GalileiFingers. His finger who finished his life in a monumental mansion after trial by casting the Giant Theory,It is exhibited at the Museum of Science and History of FlorenceThat's right.

Einstein's brain

Called a geniusAlbert Einstein'S brain was taken out of his body without permission from the family after death and was used for research for 40 years. Einstein's brain has been divided and divided into researchers, so it is said that the whole is not left already.

In addition to this, some of the celebrity body that is preserved is from the following.
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