Vegetarian diet is more likely to cause brain contraction than carnivorous diet

According to recent research,VeganAnd vegetarians such as those who eat meat are six times more likely to suffer from brain contraction than those who eat meat.

People who do not take animal foods from religion, beliefs, etc. may be inevitable roads, but those who practice vegetarians thinking that it is good for health may be better off with a little care Hmm.

Details are as below.
Researchers at Oxford University conducted memory tests, physical function checks, brain scan, etc. for 107 people aged 61 to 87, and similar tests were conducted 5 years later, as a result of which the brains atrophic to vegetarians It is said that a trend was seen. It is contained in meat, fish, eggsVitamin B 12It is considered to be due to the lack of.

Also, when I scanned more than 1,800 brains, people who consume a large amount of alcohol seemed to have 1.6% of brain contraction compared with those who did not drink alcohol, people who prefer beer wine The hippocampus was 10% smaller than the drinker.

Swedish researchers' investigation seems to lead to loss of the brain, and when we surveyed more than 300 women, the brain contraction occurredBMIIt seems that the average was 27. It seems that brain contraction has increased from 13% to 16% each time BMI increases by 1 point.

To avoid these brain contractions it is said that taking fish is effective. According to Fernando Go'mez-Pinilla of the University of California, Los Angeles, it is included in fishFatty acids of omega 3 (n-3 series)It is said to enhance flexibility during synapses of the brain, increase memory and learning ability, and reduce the risk of dementia and other mental disorders.

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