Tomato "Stromato" with strawberry is found

It seems that a mysterious plant containing something like strawberry in tomato was found in Cheltenham, England.

In the ruling in the Supreme CourtIt is supposed to be "vegetables"Because it is tomato, alsoStrawberries classified as vegetablesWill it be compatible well?

Details are as below.Strawmato woman finds a tomato inside a strawberry -

Esther Walker (48), who lives in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, discovered a tomato with something like a strawberry inside. It seems to have been found when cutting tomatoes.

What a mysterious plant.

Suprise! It's a 'strawmato' | The Sun | News

According to Esther, a mysterious object in the tomato, "It looks obviously a strawberry with a taste but tomatoes, but it feels a little sweet, but it seems a little sweet", it is kept like this and it is planned to show it to an expert.Over Farm MarketRob Keene of Mr. Rob Keene seems to be saying, "This is probably strawmato".

It looks too doubtful, is it something you secretly stuck with strawberries?

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