Unique beer bottle opener that makes you want a bit

It is a unique bottle of a bottle opener that makes things portable, such as key type and ring type, what you want sandals and hats etc. There is also a movie that opens a cork with newspaper, chainsaw, etc.

It may be useful especially in outdoor emergencies such as barbecues and beaches.

Details of photos and movies are from the following.
Ring type bottle opener. It is about 1000 yen.

A bottle opener put on the back of the sandal. It might be a bit difficult to use after stepping on strange things. Approximately 5000 yen

A simple fork opener. It is about 850 yen.

Guinness beer and collaboration hat. Approximately 3200 yen.

Bottle of USB memory type. 1GB type is 1000 yen.

It is exactly the key type perfect for key holders.

The movie that opens the beer's stopper with newspaper is here.
YouTube - Newspaper Bottle Opener | Bottle Opener

I think it is dangerous but I am using a chain saw.
YouTube - Opening a Beer Bottle with a Chain Saw

There are still many unusual bottle opener here.
Toxel.com »Collection of Cool Bottle Openers

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