8 patterns of annoying people to comment on blogs

It seems that there are people everywhere in the world who write annoying posts in the comment section of blogs and bulletin boards. Therefore, we classify people who write comments that annoy people who write blogs into eight patterns. From the point of view of people who write on blogs and bulletin boards, there are some that feel like 'there is no such person', and some that are rarely seen in Japan, probably because the environment is a little different between Japan and the world.

Let's see what kind of troublesome comments there are in the world.

The 8 Most Obnoxious Internet Commenters | Cracked.com

1. People who don't believe

Someone who quickly becomes skeptical of the content of the blog. However, what I am writing here is not the person who reads the contents properly and feels doubts, but the person who simply makes comments such as 'It's a lie!' Or 'It's a fabrication' by conditional reflection.

This type of person is very easy to be fooled and many people have no independence.

2. People with strong self-revealing

The person here is someone who reacts sensitively to articles that include content such as struggles and conflicts and can write threats such as 'I am a real bad guy and actually do harm.' These people have been bullies since they were little, and there are many people who always want to be bullies in the world of the Internet.

Is it a different type from a person who has a strong desire for self-revealing, who writes comments from beginning to end in his own story, which has little to do with the content of the article?

3. Great Defender

It seems to be someone who thinks of himself as a moral reform activist and writes to give him a moral advantage over others. When he finds something immoral, he seems to be the one who immediately writes a blame comment as if he had decapitated the demon.

4. Mr. Scientist

A person who writes an unclear explanation by arranging some scientific basis such as 'scientifically'. Here, it can be said that it is an intellectual group of people who just want to show off their knowledge and have a strong desire to reveal themselves. Also, this type of person is always on the Internet to do a rough search for others, and when he finds something wrong, he gladly writes.

5. Hitler apprentice

Hitler apprentices are racists. I don't show it at all in the real world, but when it comes to the Internet world, it seems to be someone who makes racist comments.

6. Ninja

Ninjas usually hide themselves. When any breaking news comes in, we monitor the comments about the breaking news and show up where it's getting hot. And he's just like a ninja, ruining the comment section and leaving.

I feel that there are many ninjas who make troublesome comments in Japan. It's just a Japanese ninja.

7. Political activist

A person who brings up a political story and stirs it. Many of these people have begun to study politics. It seems that the world is corrupt and they often write to inform the world of the corrupt content. People who write like this exaggerate the facts and eventually end up with someone's conspiracy theory.

In other words, are they people who tend to think that 'the government is hiding the truth' and 'there is a XX that is behind the scenes'?

8. Spam

Needless to say, this is the worst comment that involves an unspecified number of people. I don't feel like saying that the comment section is covered with spam ...

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