Tokyo to Osaka 1 hour, the government will boost the construction of the linear central bullet train line

Previously at GIGAZINEJR Tokai has decided to construct a linear Shinkansen with self-payment of 5.1 trillion yen in project costWe informed you, but finally the government seems to be involved in the construction of the Linear Central Shinkansen full scale.

Although it is a linear Shinkansen which runs at 500 km / h, which connects Tokyo to Osaka in an hour which is significantly less than about 2 hours 30 minutes of the current Shinkansen, it will definitely be when it will be completed.

Details are as follows.
Linear: Go back to full-scale survey within the year Government, convert cautious attitude - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

According to the Mainichi Shimbun news report, the government seems to have strengthened its policy to approve the launch of the full-scale survey within the year on the construction plan for the Linear Central Shinkansen that JR Tokai has stated.

This is because the Linear Shinkansen will lead to the realization of a low-carbon society, and by entering full-scale investigation including estimation of construction cost and demand review, it is possible to start the linear Shinkansen line connecting Shinagawa and Nagoya in 40 minutes It is said that momentum will be added to opening up business.

Incidentally, despite the strong desire to give priority to the maintenance Shinkansen network within the LDP, Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda who resigned the other day in the general economic measures summarized by the government on 29th August will be revitalized economically without tax Since it was useful, I instructed him to start full-scale investigation to realize the next-generation high-speed railway by Linear, so it was realized that a full-scale investigation began for the construction of the Linear Shinkansen.

Incidentally,According to WikipediaThe realization of commercial operation of the magnetically levitated linear motor car is being built as an access route of Shanghai Trans Rapid (430 km / h) in China and 2005 'Ai · Earth Expo' held in Aichi Prefecture in 2005 It seems that it is only Linimo (speed of 100 km / h).

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