Animation with lighting the window of the university's dormitory building according to the song of the night rider

Students at Wroclaw University in Poland gathered the skill of technology, lit the windows of the university's dormitory building in red LED style and do what you can do with animation according to the impressive song of the opening of the night rider I did it.

Not only does it simply add or clear the light of the window, it also makes use of the impressive red LED-like color of the night rider, so it is very impressive content.

Playback is from the following.
Technology Students Mess with Dormitory Lights - Video

In addition, the OP of the knight rider can find it everywhere in the net when you search it.

Dailymotion - Knight Rider Intro 2nd season, a video from stang. Knight, Rider

Also, I heard that Choro Q is also there. It is amazing that it shines properly.

YouTube - Knight Rider Choro Q Please watch.

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