Check the durability of the Blu-ray disc to the limit, as if a nightmare movie

It is a horrible durability experiment movie that you try playing a Blu - ray disc with PS3 which damaged by using all kinds of weapons such as steel wool, pizza cutter, meat cut knife.

Although it is a durability experiment like a nightmare, it resulted in a surprising result of the durability of the Blu-ray disc.

Details are as follows.
This is a movie that actually carries out the durability test. First of all, I scraped with steel wool, graffiti with a ballpoint pen, and then run a pizza cutter with a gorillo and then scratched a meat cutting knife at the end. I have absolutely no mercy.
YouTube - Blu-ray disc stress test

Finally when I was scratched with a meat cutting knife, I could not play it, but I was surprised that I survived it.

Incidentally,According to WikipediaFor Blu - ray discs that are not protected with cartridges, protection technology that hardly affects even if rubbing the surface of the disc 100 to 200 times with steel wool developed by TDK "DURABISBecause it is adopted, it seems that you can realize such a dreadful durability.

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