"Mainichi Shimbun English website transformation article incident" not covered in detail on TV and newspaper, what on earth is it?

It is equivalent to not knowing anything in reality that it is not so familiar with Internet newsMainichi Shimbun English website transformation article case".

Although it is taken up sporadically in newspapers and television, the contents are too vulgar and sexual content so it can not be reported in detail so even if it is picked up in a weekly magazine it is distinguished from just gossip articles Whether or not credibility is unknown, even if it examines on the net it is gathered up with a hysterical tone and it is not even readable, and after all, there are many people who do not know exactly what is happening ... ....

So, with regard to this "Mainichi Shimbun English website transformation article incident" which many requests were also received from GIGAZINE readers, I will summarize what is going on, what happened, what is happening now Let's see.

~ Table of Contents ~
■ Origin of the origin was a strange article posted on the English website of the Mainichi Newspaper
Who on earth kept writing such an article?
■ Pointed out repeated problems, but nobody tried to fix it
■ Copy that flies to 2channels, and the emergence of a summary site
■ The Mainichi Shimbun flames up with a mistake, pouring oil into the fire and a fuel explosion
■ A person appealing Mainichi Newspaper at mixi appeared
■ Finally in front of the Mainichi Newspaper Company, a demonstration, about 11,000 people watch live broadcast via the net
■ Advertisement disappeared from the Mainichi Newspaper site, income source disappeared
■ Who is damaged in the pervert article of the Mainichi Newspaper?
■ When will the Mainichi Shimbun go, and what will I be allowed?

* I am daring to quote part to deduce accuracy, but if possible we recommend that you read all quotations from top to bottom. Also, I have not touched on details of details.

■ Origin of the origin was a strange article posted on the English website of the Mainichi Newspaper

Mainichi Shimbun had not only domestic news websites deployed on the Internet but also overseas English sites. That name is "Mainichi Daily News". Among them, the problem was "WaiWai"The column corner named. From what comments can be found in comments in user notes of overseas' largest social bookmarking site 'del.icio.us' how foreigners in English-speaking countries were watching.

MSN - Mainichi Daily News: WaiWai

Overall, it seems like "strange news from Japan", "Japanese vulgar news", "mass-oriented news", "mysterious Japanese news", etc. There seems to be no human being who was reading very well. Because it is because too much sexual thing about what is posted, so-called bottomy story was conspicuous. Let's look at some of them from the following summary site.

The Mainichi Shimbun's English version site is too bad Summary @ wiki - "My mother is corrupted in order not to drop grades"
Information Mainichi Shimbun information collection wiki - More moms going down, to ensure grades go up

wrap up:According to "Asahi Performing Arts", 38-year-old mother Meiko is doing only masturbation without a 15-year-old son Haruki studying, so she made a blow job for 15 minutes to Haruki each time before studying, the results soared suddenly. This story is true and common.

Mainichi Shimbun's English version site is too bad Summary @ wiki - "Women get vitality to whole body by recycling sex with old lovers"
Information Mainichi Shimbun information collection wiki - Gals refresh body and soul by 'recycling sex' with old beaus

wrap up:While the high-paying husband is related to the hostess, their wives also have sex with their old lovers

Mainichi Shimbun's English version site is too bad Summary @ wiki - 'Fatal' Equik Disease 'has reached the peak
Information Mainichi Shimbun information collection wiki - Deadly 'iku iku byo' reaches a climax

wrap up:According to the "Weekly Post", there are an increasing number of women suffering from diseases that become sexual excitement culmination (orgasm) for 24 hours, which is called "Equik Disease."

Mainichi Shimbun's English version site is too bad Summary @ wiki - "Fast food makes girls high school girls sexually frenzied"
Information Maintenance of Mainichi Newspaper Problem wiki - Fast food transmitted schoolgirls into sexual feeding frenzy

wrap up:A Japanese girl student became cold - hearted by eating fast food too much. A very popular fast food for young people makes it easy for phagocytosis to develop and is absorbed unnaturally and quickly by the body. This makes it more difficult to control the central nervous system, making it easier for other poisoning in chain reactions. Sex addiction is a good example. They use vibrators, almost everyone is experiencing anal sex and they also use narcotics to make sex feel better. When they feel like having a little sex, they also have sex in nightclub toilets and in game clubs' pre-claudes. They can not control sexual impulses.

Mainichi Shimbun's English version site is too bad Summary @ wiki - "Cock, Beast, Vice and Its Beauty"
Information Mainichi Shimbun information collection wiki - The Cook, the Beast, the Vice and its Lover

wrap up:According to "real stories knuckles", a certain atelier club in Roppongi has done animal survival and a lawyer has sex with a pig and then eaten the pig roasted as a roast.

In addition, there are many things with quite a lot of content, and you can check the original sentence and the Japanese translated from the following page. It is a feeling that he has selected the erotic article of the weekly magazine, and it was something that I could continue writing as much as I could.

Information Maintenance of Mainichi Shimbun issue wiki - Main article newspaper articles distributed from English version

Information Maintenance of Mainichi Shimbun issue wiki - Main article newspaper articles distributed from English version 2

Information Maintenance of Mainichi Newspaper Problem wiki - Main article newspaper articles distributed from English version Part 3

Who on earth kept writing such an article?

Naturally it is not an article of machine translation, there should be someone who translated, someone who posted. As you can see from each article, there are many cases where the signature is included at the end of the article, and the reporter who wrote the most transgressive article is "Ryan ConnellPeople who say.

Mainichi Shimbun's English version site is too bad Summary @ wiki - Who is Ryan Connell?

According to the verification of the Mainichi Shimbun itself, it was a mystery why the article written by such a person was supposed to be posted as it was, "According to the foreign national reporter Leave it to me ", it seems to have been as follows.

Mainichi Shimbun company: English website problem verification (1)

"WaiWai" is one of the columns of the alphabet "Everyday Daily News" that the Mainichi Shimbun published, and started serializing in October 1989. In order to handle not only hard news but also "soft reading", I cited quotes from domestic weekly magazines and monthly magazines, and was aiming to introduce a part of Japanese society and customs in an interesting way.

This has moved to the net, the number of persons in charge shrinks steadily, to a total of 2 persons, one reporter and one foreign writer. This reporter is the "Ryan ConnellIt was.

Besides the news translation, the reporter in charge updated the article (about 600 words) of "WaiWai" at 1 pace per day, and one of the magazines was selected. Along the way, an external foreign writer who wrote articles on "WaiWai" in the English letter paper era also joined the writing, the reporter updates the article at 7 pcs a week and the external writer 1 pc per week. Among them, many articles that should not be posted were included regarding sexual customs.

Although it is a corner that "Introducing a part of Japanese society and customs interestingly", it seems that "sexual customs" should not be posted. This area is the key point of this issue and it is the most important point. This was not the Mainichi Newspaper, but nobody was fussing if it was a weekly magazine somewhere, and I did not look into the problem much.

The responsible reporter understands Japanese and is bilingual. From the political news to the topic, the surrounding area was evaluating the high translation ability that can handle both hard and flexible.

Meanwhile, some reporters were worried about interesting sexual topics.

"We picked up such topics as the reaction of users was good when we picked up sexual topics," he said.

In other words, it escalated more and more to earn page views. Normally, there are some official posts that oversees the editor and desk and keeps the quality constant, "Because it is not allowed to write only such articles, do not post it" or "If you write another "It is usual that there is advice such as" You only have to escalate if you write only the same thing, you should write it with a slightly different angle ". However, this ordinary system was incompatible with a small number of people, an English version for foreigners, not for Japanese people, and an Internet version that tends to neglect at that time from the viewpoint of newspaper reporters .

The responsible reporter thought that it was treated differently from the news article to be corrected and "WaiWai". For this reason, we are not responsible for expressions and their contents in the translation of magazine articles, either on the page or on the site, we have written in the English notation of the purpose of saying that we do not guarantee the accuracy of the article.

However, "I thought that it might not be good for every day because there was a person who does not distinguish it from the article of Mainichi Shimbun on the Internet."

This is a domain problem. "http://mdn.mainichi-msn.co.jp/waiwai/Look at the address "http://mdn.mainichi-msn.co.jp/Ordinary people should not think about it, etc. to distinguish. On the contrary, "WaiWai is the Mainichi NewspaperIt is understood that the credibility and trust that the Mainichi Shimbun had cultivated up to now can be added. However, since the Mainichi Shimbun is a large newspaper company from the perspective of the Japanese, it gains trust and trust beyond a certain extent, but overseas as exactly this Ryan Connell reporter thought "Handling accuracy different from news articles and 'WaiWai' handling differentlyIt was caught as beingBe supposed towas. However, this will be a big misunderstanding leading up to now and a big problem.

■ Pointed out repeated problems, but nobody tried to fix it

Of course, within the Mainichi Shimbun, you can see in the following verification articles that there were various opinions on this transformation article written by Ryan Connell reporter.

Mainichi Shimbun company: English website problem verification (2)

One of the foreign staff cautioned the contents several times, but the reporter said, "When I was criticized, I was also rebellious (it was probably not the atmosphere that the staff could do with the manuscript after being editor). There is nothing to look back on.

Mainichi Shimbun company: English website problem verification (3)

A female reporter says, "I heard that such a terrible article has been posted from the Americans in the interview, but is it related to the Mainichi Shimbun?" From the viewpoint of the reliability of the Mainichi Shimbun, it is captured very seriously I will reveal it.

Takahashi said that after watching "WaiWai" he took an impression that he was "hilarious, there are many sex articles". Soon, I gave my reporter the name of a magazine with extreme content, and verbally warned, "You should not use obscene articles as much as possible." After that, I said a few times "Keep it down", but Takahashi never checked whether it was improved since then.

After all, signs of internal warning signs were not taken seriously by stakeholders and did not lead to a review.

What is more problematic is the fact that the Mainichi Shimbun had pointed out this situation from the outside as of October 2007.

In October last year, English e - mails criticizing the contents from Japanese women living in the US living in the United States reached the Digital Media Bureau. It is said that it should not be posted even if there is a statement of refusal to "do not guarantee accuracy", and as a reason ▽ I think that the article must be a lie if it thinks logically ▽ Misunderstanding for those who do not know Japanese culture Give - that.

Since the Mainichi Shimbun and WaiWai are separate from each other, it is clear from the above description that Ryan Connell reporter thought that no one really received what is written here, but in fact it is most concerned What I should have was "Misunderstanding those who do not know Japanese cultureIn that point. Even though it is not true, the Mainichi newspaper signboards and the credit that we have cultivated up to now are still there, so if we say "This is written on the Mainichi Shimbun website that is trusted by Japanese famous first-class paper" After all, a certain number of people who believe comes out. Everyone is not theoretically and calmly judged, and rather, the newspaper has aspects that have provided information for those people. Especially, since information tends to be complicated on the Internet, traditional media such as newspapers should have respected the aspect of reliability even if there is a part that is inferior to the reporting speed. It became a shape that was taken against it, "Misunderstanding those who do not know Japanese cultureThat is why it was supposed to be.

After all, what was the treatment of this warning email in October last year? It is written as follows.

At that time, reporters in charge also saw that, but I did not take concrete measures. "I had a desire to write a reply, but I have to write out the content that I am sure I can not do because I have a job from one to the next."

If it had improved in this place, it should have been a big problem so far. But did God not let go of it? In March 2008, that is, in March this year, opportunities come again.

Also in March this year, people who live in Japan received an e-mail asking questions about the contents of "WaiWai" in Japanese, but they never got to be respected in the same way.

The contents of these two e-mails were informed not only to reporters but also to other people in the Digital Media Bureau by e-mail. The list included executives including director general, deputy director general, department manager and others.

Both Hasegawa and Takahashi said "I did not notice at all in the mail," Takahashi said, "It was the sweetest point this time, I regret that I should have answered properly."

To summarize the flow so far,

First time: Although problems were also pointed out within the Mainichi Newspaper Company, Ryan Connell reporter ignored

2nd: Problems were pointed out by e-mail in October 2007, but Ryan Connell reporter ignored again

Third time: In March 2008 also a problem was pointed out by email but it was ignored

In spite of having a chance to be revised three times indeed, I did not do anything. Again, as we are publishing newspapers on paper media every day, it is no doubt that things such as impressions and priorities about articles on the net were relatively low.

And while I was doing it, someone on the net noticed this way. "The Mainichi Newspaper is posting metamorphosis articles on the Internet to the world in English!",When.

■ Copy that flies to 2channels, and the emergence of a summary site

At the same time, the Copipe pointed out that the ridiculous things are posted on this Mainichi Shimbun's English site around 2channels has been posted, and a summary site has appeared.

Mainichi Newspaper 's English site is too bad Summary @ wiki - Top Page

But at first it was too redundant even though the information was gathered like it is now, and the content is too huge to understand, so it was hard to understand and it was hard to get to the place where the fire got on. Still it was spoken as a topic with the following feeling.

April 24, 2008:Mozu @ 囀: Whom is the Mainichi Shimbun English version hacked?

Since most creative articles that do not have backing are mostly it can be said that this is simply demagogy. The problem is that there is not necessarily a weekly magazine literacy on the part of the reader who reads this. In other words, many people take this as facts. What is more problematic is that the Mainichi Shimbun declares that it is not responsible for the article, and this Connell is also refreshing that this is just a translation. In other words, the Japanese newspaper abandons responsibility and is running a hoax.

Indeed, in the English-speaking world, the Mainichi Shimbun is considered a vulgar tabloid magazine.

May 30, 2008:Blog to watch the world warmly Ryann Connell pisses off Japanese cyber community - livedoor Blog (blog)

According to the picture Ryann Connell, it is a pizza and a funny father, but it is delivered in the Mainichi newspaper domain by translating inexorable articles from a magazine that is unavoidable, such as real stories knackles.
In other words, it may be believed foreigners are true that they are issuing on a bill called the Mainichi Shimbun even if they have no problem. (I believe it)
Apparently he seems to have noticed the movement on his / her 2 ch, and he is working on red bean and flickr 's red www

June 19, 2008:Doubtful articles that misunderstand Japan on the English website operated by the Mainichi Shimbun - Yajima Watch

A summary site has been established, some of the articles that were once delivered in WaiWai have been re-translated into Japanese and posted. It is not a problem if readers recognize that it is an unreliable article, but since it is a website of Mainichi Shimbun which is the nationwide paper of the top class in Japan, it has a strange authenticity and it is It was a situation that could give misunderstandings. Whether anger to WaiWai reminisced the right wing activity, although criticism was raised on the net from around April, it did not draw much attention.

June 20, 2008:J-CAST News: Mainichi Shimbun publishes "Hentai News" on English website

"Female high school girls are in sexual frenzy in fast food" "The inner fact is revealed with" Lolita "cartoon character of Ministry of Defense" - What a surprising article was distributed on the English version site of the Mainichi Newspaper. Inside there are also "transformation news" that will make you impossible to impress "to swallow pigs at Roppongi restaurants and then eat." These articles were talked about not only in Japan but also overseas.

June 21, 2008:The painful news (No ∀ `):" Japanese mothers, sex treatment before studying their son "" School girls in Japan, for sex dependence in food "... Mainichi Shimbun," Metamorphosis News "over 5 years worldwide → Delete criticism

15 Name: Mr. Nanashi @ Full board Tonami participating [] Posted on: June 20 (Fri) 2008 21:52:07 ID: S + Vfp 7me 0
Is this a bastard who was recently pasted?

16 Name: Mr. Nanashi @ Full board Tonami participating [] Posted on: June 20 (Fri) 2008 21:52:12 ID: uYqdz 5990
I saw it in Copipe before but it seems that the daily English version is terrible.
Whether it is mistranslation or not, it is intentional.

The fire took place around J-CAST on 20th June, but on June 25, the Mainichi Shimbun finally announced it with a heavy back.

Mainichi Newspaper: I'm sorry for the column of English site, readers

People who were half-trusted even if they saw the status of the summary site until then,After all it was true!To be in a fuss about becoming it. But if this alone, it should have been like a level of fire suppression in a week. However, the Mainichi newspaper mistakes wrong hands here. I do what I should not do.
■ The Mainichi Shimbun flames up with a mistake, pouring oil into the fire and a fuel explosion

As far as we have done, "It's a Mainichi Shimbun ... so it is a self-stated quality paper that is not credible" (still a major incident in the sense of lower reliability), but doing what you should not do in June 28, 2008 On the day, it will be only three days after the previous announcement.

Mainichi Shimbun Company: Officers / Reporters Disposal Inappropriate for English Site Column

The following sentence which was not immediately after the above announcement was posted suddenly has been updated and added.

On the Internet, a lot of female reporters and employees who have nothing to do with this disposition are remarkably slandering (hobo) · Images and writing which are defamatory are successive. The Mainichi Shimbun defends such honor and for obvious illegal acts,Policy to take legal action.

this"Policy to take legal action"It was caught as declaration of declaration of war, in other words, the Mainichi Shimbun appeals from one end just as they say the inconvenient things to the Mainichi Shimbun! Shimane! That is why I was caught. in short,"The Mainichi Shimbun is backwarded, it is not reflecting"And so on ....

What is called "on the Internet" as the Mainichi Shimbun says is mainly 2channelNews bulletin + boardThat place. As usual there were things like being ridiculed as "fighting invisible enemies", but finally genuine "Enemy to see"Has emerged and entered rage mode like a shooting game Rasubosu, then the thread of the Mainichi Shinbun Hentai article riot was standing at such a momentum that history was unprecedented, at what speed just like crazy and what in the storm of Copipe I was accelerating to a state where I do not understand what it is. A lot of pretty terrible copies against reporters who are supposed to write this story and reporters that were supposed to be related are stuck in large quantities, and the Mainichi newspaper who came to the head after a sentence of an example for intimidation purpose That was why I added it.

Naturally 2 news news bulletins + board, andMarried female boardHe starts to get angry with a fire from his head. Those who originally existed from ancient times in too much thread speed and insanityNews bulletin boardWill be completely donated, and from now on, this Mainichi Newspaper episode article riot will spread a variety of activities centering on news bulletins and married female boards.

■ A person appealing Mainichi Newspaper at mixi appeared

While he was doing this, a person who was completely impressed with this postscript finally sued the Mainichi Newspaper.

People planning to carry out "legal measures" on the Mainichi Newspapers due to a vulgar English site problem - Yajima Watch

Well, there were mixi users who declared to carry out this "legal action" toward the Mainichi Newspaper. The draft of the complaint published in the diary says, "This article insults all Japanese, plaintiffs as a member of the Japanese, strong defense against the defendant and strong mental suffering of the defendant's actions "It is content that seeks 100,000 yen in the Mainichi Shimbun. Including whether the lawsuit will be held in truth or not will be important for future movements.

You can read the complaint at the following site.

Walking way: I tried complaining the Mainichi Newspaper

The first oral argument is to be held at the Kobe summary court on August 7. What will happen ...?

■ Finally in front of the Mainichi Newspaper Company, a demonstration, about 11,000 people watch live broadcast via the net

From around this time on the news bulletin + above thread, the copype was inadvertently stuck and encouraged to join, as a protest demonstration in front of the Mainichi Shimbun headquarters. The state of the day can be seen from the following.

Mainichi Shinbun's previous protest More ... Featured net of this week's news [with movies] | Trend | Free video GyaO [gao] |

This demo on the netStickhamIt is live broadcast using using, up to about 11,000 people accessing at the same time. The situation is as follows.

I saw the state of this live broadcast from the editorial department of GIGAZINE, but as a matter of fact it was only felt that it was being used by political organizations and others. Even though it rush to enter Mainichi Shimbun headquarters building several times, police and security guards blocked it repeatedly many times, or somehow crying out what is unrelated to the Mainichi Shimbun ... Is incoherent and old-fashioned It was a demonstration and almost no crop was harvested.

J-CAST News: Internet broadcasting protest demonstration to Mainichi Newspaper

The organizer of the citizens who do not allow privilege in Japan. The protests were relayed on the Internet. Sponsorship is "Citizens' Association for the Protection of Japan" "Hiroyuki Sato Blog" Where to Japan "" Aiming for Recovery of Sovereignty ". The organizers raised their voice with a loudspeaker saying "Do you guys have no pride as a newspaper journalist?"

Detective File ~ Spy Diary ~ / "Mainichi Newspaper Headquarters" Hentai News "Protest Demonstration! It is! Oonumi

As I was worried about in advance, the organizer was sometimes referred to as "a citizen's association that does not allow privilege in Japan", there were also protests against perverted articles, but somehow there was a call on "in Japan" Probably also protested "somewhat" was mistaken for "everyday" and "asahi".

At the end of the demonstration is a demo of this time which ended "staggered", such as chorusing with "everything!"
Some of the participants said, "I watched it on the net" and "There was a first participation", but how did it feel?

Again, it seems that it is unacceptable to demonstrate protest activities of this style in this era.

So what is the appropriate protest style for this era? The full appearance of that astonishment will finally become clear. This is the emergency that shakes Mainichi Shimbun, and eventually it has destructive power enough to lead to the content published in detail on the Mainichi Newspaper on July 20th.

■ Advertisement disappeared from the Mainichi Newspaper site, income source disappeared

Paper newspapers are read by paying the monthly subscription fee, but ads are always posted anyway. Advertisement is important more than newspaper on paper because it can be read for free if it is a news site on the net. With an eye on that, the ultimate protests were held.

Information Maintenance of the Mainichi Newspaper Problem wiki - What should I do?

Information Maintenance of Mainichi Shimbun issue wiki - Companies that advertised on the Mainichi Newspaper

Yes, I contacted companies that advertise with pressure to put down ads, advertisements, by informing about the upsetting story of this episode. Surprisingly this was surprisingly effective, giving a flyer or giving a stronger impact than spreading the uproar this time with a word of mouth.

"Everyday jp" is full of company advertisement, deep trace remains on the net: ITpro

With Mainichi Newspaper's news site "Everyday .jp", since the last weekend, most of the advertising space has been filled with house advertisements

In other words, following the protest by volunteers from 2channels, advertisers who will advertise will continue to withdraw more and more, as soon as I noticed it was only the advertisements that the Mainichi newspaper himself posted on my site.

This was also taken up in the weekly Shincho.

【Everyday · Transfiguration News】 "Enemies of the Internet" Mainichi Shimbun, withdrawal of sponsors begins, but management is still okay as it owns a large amount of real estate in Nagoya etc ... Weekly Shincho

"Sponsor began to escape" is a stakeholder in the Mainichi Shimbun. "Moreover, not only the English website on which" waiwai "was listed,
Because "waiwai" which advertisement did not enter even Japanese version "every day. Jp" was too ugly,
If you advertise on our news site, the image of the company will be worse. "

Specifically, though there are slight differences in circumstances and forms, advertisements of famous large companies such as Nissan, Kirin, JCB, Fujitsu,
"Everyday .jp" and disappeared from the daily news everyday.
When I open the top page of "Everyday .jp", I can certainly find no other than proprietary everyday.
Asahi, Yomiuri, Nikkei launched jointly "Aratanasu" and Sankei Shimbun's "MSN", the inferiority is obvious at a glance.

On July 20, the Mainichi Shimbun posted apology and internal survey results on the column of the English website on the first issue of the morning newspaper and the special issue (22 and 23 of the Tokyo headquarters edition), and also on the net as follows I posted it.

I will repay apologize for reporting circumstances

It is not strange that the timing of this time was said "to announce in the middle of July" before, but for those who have read only the paper Mainichi Shimbun, I do not know what is the cause and knew the background on the net It seems that it was content that felt sweet for the person.

As I guessed, this is rather rather, as I mentioned in the previous article,An excuse for advertisers who left offIt feels better to think better who thought. In other words, we will do something by noticing the advertiser who is worried about the worsening of the image so that damage will not become bigger any further, and by showing attitude to improve in the future.

Will it work out so well ...?

The most interesting part of the verification article is "analysis of verification team". I point out five points.

Mainichi Shimbun company: Analysis of verification team

"Defect in check function"Absence of quality control system"Lack of reporter ethics"Lack of awareness of English website"Responding to criticism slowly"5 points. There are many things that intersect with the food display impersonation problem that the Mainichi Shimbun reported so far.

■ Who is damaged in the pervert article of the Mainichi Newspaper?

Well, as far as you see the flow to this point,Who is the victim?"What specific damage did you have?The point that it is not seen at all.

It is evident that the Mainichi Shimbun hit the bat (= profit decline due to the withdrawal of advertisers, the reliability of the Mainichi Shinbun itself) is obvious, what else is there? According to the summary site, the influence of quotation of WaiWai article like the following is confirmed.

Information dictionary of the Mainichi newspaper issue wiki - the impact of the article

It seems that actual misunderstandings are diffusing further by English-language readers who can not understand "Mainichi Newspaper" and "WaiWai" completely apart as they were worried about at the first time point.

In other words, in Japan, such a pervert article in a weekly magazine is just a gossip-level article, it is content of interest-oriented and can not be believed and can not be believed to a certain level of knowledge and intelligence, reason For adults I can understand, but for English-speaking people who can not understand such unique structure in Japan "News source that can know a few realities of JapanThat's why it will be. Do not believe Believe human beings think strongly about what was touched the first time before, so in that sense there is a need to continuously confirm the influence of the episode of the Mainichi newspaper from now on.

On the contrary, who is going to earn with this uproar? Or, who has gained? We need to think about that as well.

■ When will the Mainichi Shimbun go, and what will I be allowed?

Repeating the hysterical condemnation, even though the opinion different from ours is recognized immediately by the agent, we will not solve anything. All except for constructive opinions are waste of time. However, as each press recently involved in the so-called food labeling spoofing issue repeatedly repeated hysterical reports, it became a boomerang now rebounding to the Mainichi Newspaper.

The demand for the Mainichi Shimbun that is scattered on the Internet is as follows.

"○ Continue posting annual apology page ○ because I continued posting for years"
"Because Fujiya was crushed by Mainichi Shimbun and TBS 's persistent accusation, the Mainichi Shimbun also collapsed."
"Because you accused only about that on Siba Yoshikaru, justify it in the same way"
"Please publish it gently on one side of the Mainichi Newspaper and post all the circumstances in detail so that anyone can read it"
"I am sorry for the correction articles collectively and should apologize one by one"

In other words, even if the Mainichi Shimbun is bogged down and wastefully dismissed, it will not be tolerated, even if the person concerned is disposed of, it will be "sweet disposal".

Perhaps, knowing this uproar from the beginning, there is only one way that people who are involved for a long time agree with "Death of the Mainichi NewspaperOnly it will be.

Who will forgive and forgive what, what can be forgiven, once you make a mistake, you can not return again, people who have lived to date and have never made a mistake and have sent a life of a maritime life Of? If the disposal to the concerned parties is sweet, what should we do? Should I die? Does not it feel insufficient that someone's life will not collapse?

I did not report about all those problems so far, but as a result of repetition of such style reports repeatedly rushing up opponent by relentlessly raising mistakes of superficial parts sensibly, the same as the Mainichi Newspaper It became required also for. Exactlywhat goes around comes aroundThere is no other way to say.

Also, what's worrisome is "Why will not you report this on other TVs and newspapers?In that point. This is exactly the same as "your own income" written earlier. If any media reports about this, if you happen something happens, you know that your company will be required to do the same, so you do not write and do not report it. Although there are many transformational articles of contents, it may be difficult to pick up directly, but above all, finally the responsibility of this case is not only in the Mainichi Shimbun, In the thunderbolt, the Internet is hostile, the newspaper and the television are superior, the net has a backside site, but slander wounds are overflowing, unreliable, it is the subcalibbean and Kimoota's den, I am only doing such a negative report, and since old employees and others in the upper one seems to believe facts so, we would like to 'slew' extra thing about this case. Perhaps there are also drawbacks to the net that was stupid until now. Or, in this "attack on advertiser" etc., a kind of "FearIt may be feeling.

The biggest problem in this uproar is "Where is the dropping place?That is the point. Until now, if a certain period of time has elapsed, the massacre himself will be interested in the next incident and it has weathered, but the Internet will keep information permanently. for that reason,There is no such thing as "answer that everyone convinces"It is. People deeply involved in this disturbance deny everything except their thoughts and opinions, and the Mainichi Newspapers are the same. It is impossible to act to find a point that can compromise each other. Because there is no person who is representative on the net side of the key, and the Mainichi Shimbun's side does not show leadership to take responsibility in total by collective summary. It is not calling for various people on the net and asking for opinions. As a result, even if it becomes such a catastrophe, you can not see the future.

What is the Mainichi Shimbun planning to do in the future? Although I can not see the true intention at all, how is this actually captured inside the company actually? We plan to interview the Mainichi Shimbun in GIGAZINE directly about that. Although I feel that it will not be totally responsive to the interview, if so,Until then,about it.

If the interview is ready, whoever wants the Mainichi newspaper to ask youclick herePlease tell GIGAZINE editorial department. I can not question everything, but I'll do my best and ask.

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